Mormo and Gorgo and the Olympic Games, educational video for preschool age children of Greek Diaspora

Today we will share another video from the «Mormo and Gorgo» educational material made by the Unversity of Crete aimed at children aged 5-7 years in the Greek diaspora. We remind you that the purpose of the material is to bring the new generation of children of Greek origin, and foreigner children in a first contact with the Greek language and Greek culture (first language and musical sounds, first contact with the Greek alphabet, first contact with the Greek tradition with mythology, music, etc.) On this blog we will give you from time to time educational materials for the Greek Children of Diaspora to learn more on their country of origin, which will be alltogether under the label DIASPORA CHILDREN EDUCATION STUFF so stay in tune… Let’s take a look in the second video right away which introduces the Olympic games to the children!


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