When greek tradition and orthodox religion meet on one person…

Today we will share with you a video showing a TV broadcast presenting greek dances performed by a greek association… The first dancer however is a surprise… I didn’t realized from the first glance but then I noticed the white beard, the long hair and the «raso» tied around his waist to let hm dance. He is an orthodox priest, a  «papas» as we say, enjoying and dancing a tsamiko…Enjoy you too his dance, which is performed with this strength of the Greek soul that we call levendia… 

Celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter near Ioannina, the Liagiades village priest Fr. George— Papa-Giorgis as he is called, leaders the dance to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The location is the village square where a monument stands in memory of dozens of villagers who were massacred in 1943 by Nazi Germans. In March of 2014 German President Joachim Gauck visited this very spot and expressed shame at the atrocity, adding «That what happened here was a brutal injustice, and it is with feelings of shame and pain that I beg forgiveness from the families of those who were murdered.» (We thank Ilias Gerakos for making this video available for the world to watch)


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source: parapolitika.gr



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